With its one-hundred year history, Nakiboğlu Hazelnuts is considered to be one of the first representatives of hazelnut in Turkey. Founded in 1915 by Ihsan Dincer Nakiboğlu, the company laid its foundation in the production of hazelnuts under extremely harsh conditions at the time. Throughout the years, the company contributed enormously to the hazelnut trademark and global production of hazelnuts. From 1917 to 1965 the first generation of hazelnut producers of the family played a great role in the development of the industry. Nakiboğlu Hazelnuts continued its journey with Salih Ihsan Nakiboğlu since 1955, a second generation member of the family, who around those years decided to export hazelnuts to other countries.

The Nakiboğlu Hazelnuts facilities’ growth targets were established more than forty years ago by Salih Ihsan Nakiboğlu. Throughout these years, the company has proven to be an example in the industry. In the early 1980s the Nakiboğlu Hazelnut brand gained more momentum when the third generation, Raci Nakiboğlu joined the company. Together they successfully managed their facilities perpetuating the one-hundred year quality production principles, modernizing the production line and exceeding targets.

Today the Nakiboğlu Hazelnuts facility processes a yearly average of 20.000 tonnes of shelled, 10.000 tonnes of blanched, 10.000 tonnes of roasted and 5.000 tonnes of diced hazelnuts. Nakiboğlu Hazelnuts can supply low and high volume orders within desired delivery times thanks to it’s modern production lines and efficient staff. 

With its high quality standard of production and service, Nakiboglu Hazelnuts is proud to be a one-hundred year trademark in the hazelnut industry.